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Mark Loeffler is a Registered Sales Representative with Keller Williams Complete Realty Brokerage

Welcome to The Versatile Investor online, a resource for investors of all kinds to maximize their portfolios.

When the tenants at my first investment property moved out and left behind the most putrid, disgusting mattress, I knew there had to be an easier way!

I switched my strategy from straight rentals to rent to own and was having some success, but was still working far more than I wanted. The stress of trying to find tenants who would love my property enough to eventually own it – before the next mortgage payment was due – was doing my head in. It was not long after that I realized what was making the process so difficult; finding the tenant. If only I could find a way to buy the investment property after I had the tenant…

At that moment the proverbial light bulb lit up over my head, and an idea was born – an idea that led to my success, and the success of many, many other investors since then.

If you read my bio, you'll find out my stats, where I went to school and how many doors I own. You'll read about my old job as a salesman for Canon and the awards I won in that job. But I'm willing to bet that reading a bunch of numbers is not why you clicked to find out more about me. Behind the real estate success there is a lot more, including all the mistakes I made along the way. You will also read my success as a registered sales representative with Keller Williams Complete Realty Brokerage

I was these mistakes that led me to do what I love; helping other investors find great investment opportunities while everyone involved benefits.

There is nothing more satisfying to me than to close a deal for an investor – except of course when they call me a few months later to tell me how much fun they are having cashing the cheques.

I live with my wife, my one year old baby and our Husky, Kona in the best neighbourhood in Toronto, High Park. My experience has proved very helpful to remind me to be grateful as I sit outside in my stunning backyard enjoying a light breeze and watching my family enjoy the day.

When I'm not flying around the country helping investors and putting on seminars and speaking at real estate conferences, you can find me playing rugby, reading, and hanging out with some very dear friends.

I hope we'll get the chance to work together, but if nothing else, I hope that you find inspiration for real estate investing success in every "putrid mattress" that is put in your path.