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Mark Loeffler is a Registered Sales Representative with Keller Williams Complete Realty, Brokerage


Finally, you can learn Mark Loeffler is a registered sales representative with Keller Williams Complete Realty, Brokerage and has a proven tenant-first rent to own strategy in the comfort and privacy of your own home! An amalgamation of Mark’s live Rent To Own Made Easy! seminar and his book  with this course you will learn:

  • What makes tenant-first rent to own the most powerful investment strategy today
  • How to harness the power of rent to own to make or expand your current portfolio
  • All of the tools you need to get started right with rent to own
  • How to qualify potential tenants before they even choose a house!
  • The network you need to succeed
  • And much, much more!

Finish the course knowing everything you need to know to get started in tenant-first rent to own today!



  • Why take this course?
  • How to use this course.

Part 1:

  • Why real estate investing?
  • Activity: Step-by-step goal setting for real estate investing
  • What is rent to own?
  • How is tenant-first rent to own different?
  • Investing Ethics
  • Tenant-first rent to own overview

Part 2:

  • Identifying Tenants
  • Types of tenants
  • Tenants who already own their home
  • The most important part of identifying a tenant
  • The deposit
  • Dealing with initial inquiries
  • The open house
  • The Application

Part 3: Qualifying a tenant

  • Three steps to qualifying a tenant
  • Examples
  • Determining the final purchase price
  • Examples
  • Tenant qualification at the end of the rental term
  • Examples
  • Activity: Qualifying tenants (10 activities provided)

Part 4: The Credit Report

  • Reading a credit report
  • The credit score
  • Due Diligence
  • Credit repair
  • Activity: reading a credit report

Part 5: Approving the tenant

  • Approval letter
  • Documents you need to collect
  • Due Diligence
  • Rent to own spreadsheet (working spreadsheet provided)

Part 6: Building the network you need

  • Identifying the professionals with whom you need to connect
  • Where to find these professionals and how to connect

Part 7: Choosing a property

  • The process: an overview
  • What to do during the rental term

Part 8: The end of the rental term

  • Executing your exit strategy

Part 9: FAQ’s and risks

  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Exploring 10 of the most common risk-related concerns

Bonus Materials:

  • Sample advertisements
  • Application
  • Approval letters
  • Decline letters
  • Occupancy agreements
  • Utilities agreements
  • And a WORKING financial analysis spreadsheet the very same one I use for EVERY deal I do!


Yes, I want this!Take advantage of the introductory price today and receive:

  • The comprehensive, interactive home study course
  • Flash quizzes to gauge your comprehension
  • Workbook material and activities
  • An arsenal of bonus materials including the documents you need to get started
  • 60 days of email mentoring with Mark Loeffler himself

That’s right!

By taking advantage of the introductory price you will receive Mark’s entire course (a $1750.00 value) for just $497.00!



**PLEASE NOTE** THIS HOME STUDY IS A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD PRODUCT, which you will receive IMMEDIATELY when you purchase, via instant download. IT IS NOT A LIVE ONLINE COURSE, AND NOTHING WILL BE MAILED TO YOU. Upon successful purchase, you will be prompted to download the course and the materials. DO NOT CLOSE THIS WINDOW WITHOUT DOWNLOADING THE PROGRAM because it only prompts you once.